About us

Welcome to Sakura

Sakura was founded on Japanese criteria, it was established in 2008 to export Organic aromatic plants, herbs, and spices to Japanese market.

After the success of our organic products in Japanese market, we wanted to share our success and values in the European and North American markets.

In 2012, we succeeded to occupy a big share of the European and American markets.

Now the image of Sakura is spreading globally as one of the pillars of organic products.


We are aware of the enormous impact being suffered by our planet due to climate change, and that the damage is irreversible, but we are fighting to minimise its consequences.

By seeking to protect the environment as much as possible, our environmental policies aim at sustainability.

We are taking small steps with a big impact to reduce single-use plastic in our offices and our production facility by replacing it with biodegradable materials and/or long-lasting materials.
We do not use plastic bags: you can always take uneaten food home in recycled paper bags.
We light our facility with maximum energy efficiency and use the most effective way of production .

We are also working to fulfil the 3R rule: re-use, recycle and reduce, and we priorities kilometer 0 produce to reduce our carbon footprint.


A world without pesticides


To provide superior quality organic products that: CUSTOMERS recommend to family and friends, SUPPLIERS select for their clients, EMPLOYEES are proud of, and INVESTORS seek for long-term returns.

Our History

Sakura is a tree that belongs to the ROSACEAC family, it is used as an ornamental tree but also very much appreciated.
Being in Japan for the first time, I immediately fell in love with this magnificent tree.
My knowledge of Japan began with my studies of the Japanese language, but the deep discovery of Japan was during my stay and that is where I was very influenced by Japanese ideas and principles.
In 2008, I created my first company and without thinking I called it Sakura. For me it was the beginning of environmental issues, I was agreed and sure that nature is the source of health. In my country of origin, Egypt, we have pure and virgin lands especially the desert, I I was settling to find my first farm in the middle of nature, it was not really easy to fertilize the desert, but finally I had succeeded thanks to the local farmers.
Our target was the Japanese market, despite the fact that Japan is the most demanding country in the world regarding rules and formalities, but we were sure and some of our products are flowers and aromatic plants, herbs and spices.
Soon after, we decided to focus on North America and Europe.
We currently occupy a fairly important position among the companies that produce organic products thanks to our efficiency, our honesty, our diligence and our high respect for nature.


Mr. Mohmed Fahim

General Manager

Ahmed Adel

Sales executive

Doaa Mohamed

Logistic Manager

Salama Fathy

QC Manager

Ahmed El Khateeb

Technical Manager

Karim Fathi

Marketing Manager

Mohamed Hassan

Purchasing Manager

Hany Hassan

Production Manager

Eslam Mosaad

Store Manager

Mahmoud Rafat

HR Manager

Hamid Ahmed

Accounting Manager

Ayman El Maleh


Mohamed Said

Checking unit Manager

Mohamed Abdelrahman

Public relation Manager

Khaled Mohamed


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